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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

One of my favorite past times is looking through old photos. Call me old school, but pictures on my iphone just aren't the same. I'm so happy I grew up spending most of my money on disposable cameras.. I love having those prints. {The good, the bad, and the ugly.}
I found this gem at my mom's house a few months ago, and I laughed out loud at how we're clinging to each other, only because we do the same exact thing now.
Trust me, there's more where this came from.


I think we turned out alright.. and I'm so thankful to have this ginger as my sister best friend forever! Isn't she a beaut?! There's nothing better than having a sister.


  1. You and your sister are SO gorgeous, then and now! And I agree I absolutely cherish those old childhood Polaroid photos!

  2. Wow you both are sooo pretty!! Jealous of that natural red hair!

    xo Denise


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