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Friday, March 21, 2014

I Need Your Input!

The minute I knew I was pregnant I downloaded at least three pregnancy apps on my iphone. I love them all, and use them almost everyday. It's been a great way for me to keep track of baby's growth, track my weight, stay organized with my midwife appointments and keep some of my belly pics! Then I got to the section of my app titled "Birth Plan"
...What the hell is a birth plan? Does birth ever go "as-planned" ?
Immediately I started filling out the questions checking yes or no to nail down exactly how I wanted to give birth to this little dude. Easy. Done.
...Again, is it really that easy?  mm.. Don't think so.
The more I started thinking about it, I was planning in my mind this perfect birth story. Which would still be amazing if it did happen like that. But what if something goes wrong? What if I'm told I need a c-section & my planner-self just DIDN'T quite plan on that, so I'm left feeling like I had a traumatizing birth? Here I am, banking on the fact that the Good Lord put me on this beautiful earth in an an age where we have modern medicine and epidurals. The Lord knows I wouldn't have survived even a week walking across the planes and giving birth with wild animals roaming around my make-shift wagon bed. Having an epidural only seemed like the obvious option to me. But again, what if it doesn't happen that way. I want to be prepared for all options.
I didn't know until I got pregnant, but my mom had natural births and I think she's quite the trooper for that. My sweet cousin Noelle and baby-expert-go-to also had natural births. Which got me thinking, is that the way to go?
I had a friend post on facebook that she's still having pain 9 weeks later where her epidural was! Is that normal? Do I want to deal with that?
So.. this is where you guys come in. The baby experts!
In case we haven't established this yet, I have no idea what I'm doing. But it's fun to think that someday I'll get it, and I'll somewhat have a clue on how to take care of a baby.
Because moms just know, right?
So how did your birth plan go?
Did you have a natural birth?
A Full epidural? A walking Epidural? (What's the difference?)
Did you read books to prepare?
Did you take birthing classes, and if so, was it helpful?
What are some of your pieces of advice when it comes to choosing a birth plan, or trying to prepare for one at least..


  1. I haven't given birth, but my mom always said to me "you don't get a prize for having a natural birth". As long as the baby is out, everyone has the same ending. Complications to epidurals are rare (I believe)-you just never know how your body will react until you get one, right? I watched the business of being born and for awhile I said I wanted to do it that way, but why put yourself through so much pain when you can make it a bit easier on yourself? You'll need to make a plan if you have a C-section because that's some major surgery and you won't be able to do things like pick up your baby or even really go to the bathroom by yourself! You can prepare in ways of making sure you'll have extra help at home.

    I think it'll just be about being ready for all situations. If you're a baby (like me) when it comes to pain, embrace the fact you may have to cave and get an epidural :)

  2. Love this post, interesting thoughts! XO

  3. I received an epidural and it was the best thing ever! I was calm and relaxed giving birth and the epidural is what let me have that.

  4. I'm still bitter about the way my birth went. I planned on an all-natural water birth, but ended up laboring unmedicated for almost 14 hours before I had an epidural and a c-section. The most advice I can give you is to be absolutely prepared for ANYthing that may happen.

  5. I agree with everyone when they say nothing goes according to plan. You never now how or how fast labor will be. I never made a birth plan or took any classes my baby was sick weeks early and I didnt know i was in labor, by the time I found out I was at a 7 and 100% my babies birth was nothing I had planned for but thankfully we a live in a time with great doctor's and amazing technology. You can't plan for everything and heavenly father has a plan for everything he as done the planning for you, just enjoy the moments of giving birth at a beautiful baby. I think a birth plan is great if you need to have a plan but for me it was easy to let the nurses talk me through it. The epidural was great... I might try natural next time because I was at a 7 and 100% and didnt know it, but every pregnancy is different. I hope that helps, you will do great and it will be an amazing experience no matter what happens!

  6. Sorry for the miss spelt words, I have a baby in my arms. Haha

  7. My birth definitely did NOT go as planned. I never decided about whether or not to get an epidural until I actually went into labor. My mom also had all her babies naturally, so I just figured I would play it by ear. When we were walking to the car after I went into labor I was like "ok I am getting a freaking epidural!" I was in soo much pain. I have to say before going into labor, the thing I was most worried about was the epidural. It was nothing. It was so easy. And I am terrified of needles. But nothing even compares to contractions.

    I ended up having to have a c-section because Bradley's heart rate kept going down and he was in distress. When I found that out I started bawling, I never dreamed I'd have to actually have a c-section. It was awful. I didn't get to hold him until three hours later because they had to stabilize his breathing. I still feel like I was "ripped off" of the whole birthing experience. But in the end it is all still worth it for sure!

  8. be willing to go with the flow! i didn't WANT a c - section. but knew its always a possibility. after 18 hours of labor, i needed an emergency one :( i cried of course and i am still somewhat upset about it. but i know that if i didn't accept the possibility all along, i would be much worse :(( my birth plan was short and sweet. skin to skin right away unless emergency, then daddy gets skin to skin. daddy gets to cut the cord. delayed the baby bath for at least 2 hours and i wanted to wait as long as possible for an epidural (i got one just at 7cm after about 12 hours). i wanted to delay the eye cream but in the state of MN you can't. we didn't take birth classes and I'm so glad we didn't. big waste of $ in our eyes. i did great without it. your husband is your biggest advocate!! we gave a birth plan to our doctor when we got to the hospital and i kept one in our hospital bag incase my husband needed to refer to anything.
    so happy for you!

  9. I did not go into giving birth with a certain plan in mind. I was very flexible from the beginning. The doctors would ask me what I wanted and I was just "I'm good with whatever..." I knew I would probably have the epidural, but was willing to go as long as I could on my own. If I never got to a place where I needed it, I was good with that. If I was at 1 cm and screaming "give me the juice!" I was cool with that too. I also was mentally prepared for a c-section. I didn't want one, and would try to avoid one. But at the end of the day I didn't know how this whole giving birth thing was going to go. Emergencies happen and plans change. It may be easy peasy, it may not be. But I knew I didn't want to get "the perfect birth plan" in my head, only to have it dashed and I was left disappointed and unable to soak in every wonderful minute of that journey. I also knew I didn't want to look back at my daughter's birth story and think about how unhappy I was because it didn't go the way I had planned. I say just relax and go with it. The baby has got to come out one way or another...

  10. I didn't have a birth plan other than my doctor knowing I didn't want to get a c-section. It's totally up to you, but I wanted the experience of giving birth and being fully awake for that experience. I got an epidural, getting one or not mostly depends on your pain tolerance. If the pain gets too bad ask for the epidural and don't be ashamed for getting it, everyone is different so your epidural could (and most likely be) different than your friends that is experiencing pain still after 9 weeks. I also read Jenny McCarthy's book Belly Laughs... that's about all.

  11. While I'm not an expert, I've only had one baby, an epidural is AMAZING! I didn't have any complications and felt a million times better once I had one. Not only that, but I healed quickly and seriously don't get how people can go natural. I totally respect their decisions for that, but if I have a chance to not feel that pain I'll take it! I didn't take any classes but definitely talked with women I trust to ask some questions and figure out what is going on.

  12. I have to daughters, 10 months old and 8!!! I was 21 with my first and had no idea what I was doing but I wasn't scared at least. The first pregnancy was so easy! No sickness, no tiredness, nothing! I actually worked 70 hr weeks right up to the week I delivered. This past pregnancy, at 28-29 yrs old, was awfu! I threw up or just was so nauseous literally up until about 30 weeks! I totally thought I was having a boy bc every little thing was different! I lost weight, I wasn't showing big til 30 weeks, my face was glowing unlike breaking out badly, etc.
    HHS actual births were kinda different too. The first one I was in nursing school and was anti-epidural and did not want a c section for the life of me. The thought if a needle on my spine for epidural was horrifying. Also she was 2 weeks late so they had to induce which I was fine with. I really didn't make actual birth plans bc by being in healthcare I knew they were just a plan and most of the time they go out the window anyway.
    If you do make a birth plan, plz know hat it's just a wish of how it will go not actually how it will go.
    Anyway, I kinda just go with the flow of what the dr and nurses said and it went fine both times,
    I ended up having pain meds with both, the first they worked for about an hour and then I changed my mind to epidural. But I cried so bad that the guy was like Dude stop!
    The forst epidural rly didn't take the contractions away much. Idk if they didn't hit the spine right or what but. Still felt alotM and then when it was time to push her out fully, I swear they shut it off bc I felt everything!
    With the 2nd, as soon as they out it in, it was great! No pain at all!
    I had n issues with either baby either.
    But after the 2nd one my left leg was pretty badly n b for like a day later which can happen and I had bad pain in my spine at the site if nice tigon up to ta month afterM but trust mem I'd take the mild back pain over the contractions and ripping vagina pain any day! Lol
    Good luck. Don't worry. Go with the flow and you'll be fine. And most of all listen to your body and your insight and your intuition. If something in your gut tells you something's not right, keep harping on it.
    I've known two women that have saved their own lives by keeping saying there's something wrong and there was! Although, there sometimes is just a feeling if that but usually it goes away....

  13. I'm new to your blog, but I agree with the other commenters. Don't go in with a plan...but more of an idea of what you'd like to happen. Anything can change at any minute. I knew I wanted an epidural so I did everything to make sure it happened (asked for it as soon as I got admitted!). I'm so glad I got one because I was so awake/alert and not feeling any pain during the actual birth.

    Congratulations to you!!! Being pregnant is such an amazing time of wonder and learning....and it only continues once the little one arrives.



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