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Monday, March 10, 2014

Things You Should NOT Say To A Pregnant Woman


Here's my list of things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman!

1. "You're clearly showing now, aren't ya!?"
That's SO weird.. I hadn't noticed..

2. "I had a feeling you were pregnant back in December because you had a pooch."
(For the record, I was NOT showing in December.. haha)
3. "Wow, you're huge!"
oh just you wait, my friends.
4. "Wow, your butt has gotten bigger!"
(I've heard this three times, from three separate people. For the record, it probably has gotten bigger. And I like it.)
5. "Don't worry, It will get worse. MUCH Worse."
Thanks. Still looking forward to it!

4. "Oh,It's a boy?? That sucks I wanted it to be a girl."

5. "Are you pregnant? I've been wondering for a while but couldn't tell if you just gained weight after Christmas."
Wooow really??

6. "Gaul you're so much bigger than my daughter in law and she's two weeks ahead of you"
Hm. that's really nice, thank you!

7. "OOOH your BELLY!!!!..........*pause as she realizes I might not be pregnant* are pregnant right? Or am I about to get hit?"
yep. There's a baby in there.

8. "Is this a thought out pregnancy or an accident baby?"
EXCUSE me?!?

9. "Welp, I see you've moved on to stretchy pants."
nope, most of my pants are still fitting, thank you though.

10. "Have you talked to your doctor about how much you're growing?"
Have you talked to a therapist about what an ass you are?
11. "OOh you're going to be SO MISERABLE this Summer!"
actually, I plan on floating in a pool all Summer.

I guess people see a pregnant belly and immediately forget what tact is.



  1. The other day a coworker assumed someone was pregnant and let's just say she was very embarressed and you should never never assume! Great to find another lds blogger!

  2. WHY DO PEOPLE DAY THESE THINGS? Fyi you are the cutest little pregnant woman I've seen in my entire life!

  3. :-O Someone asked you if it was an accidental baby?!?! RUDE!!!

    I can't believe the things people say. Like...what were they thinking? How 'bout just a "congratulations!"???

    xo Denise

  4. "actually, I plan on floating in a pool all summer" hahaha true statement. don't worry what people say, you're beautiful, pregnancy is beautiful and people are just stupid.

  5. Yeah, I still get people asking if our baby was planned or an accident. Like... uhm yeah, let me just tell you all about my sex life. While I'm at it, do you want to know fave positions?!? WTF, PEOPLE?!?!?!

  6. Ohhh no! How rude and stupid can people be?


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