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Monday, March 3, 2014

Fat Pants

I've had this pair of boyfriend fit jeans, that are baggy and so cute. I love them rolled up just a bit, and I usually wear them with heels. But I have to had to wear them with a shirt long enough to cover the belt totally necessary to hold them up. Until Now.
Well, last Friday I was late to work.
You see, I couldn't get any of my pants buttoned. And I couldn't find my fat pants. AKA: My boyfriend fit jeans. They were missing.
{don't worry, I found them under a huge pile of laundry. day saved.}
My Baggy Fat Pant Jeans are now in the classified Skinny jean section of my closet. Also the same section every single one of my pants are now in, because the only thing that fits me right now is leggings. Horrah for leggings!
I made a trip a few weeks ago to Pea In The Pod and about crapped myself when I looked at the price tags on all of their close, but especially on their maternity jeans. I left the mall genuinely upset that I went for Maternity jeans and left empty handed. All week long I was dreaming of these pants. Literally, I had dreams about them. So, I went back a week later with my wallet and a handful of justifications and bought them.
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
When I tried them on the heavens opened up and sang a chorus. I didn't even want to take them off to pay for them. Like WHY was I not wearing these all of my life? Pregnant or not! Maternity jeans are theeee most comfortable things I've ever felt. And I'm honored to have them in my closet.
Ask me if I feel bad. {I don't.}
The End.


  1. haha I can't personally relate to this but I worked at a gyno office and seriously every other woman sang the praises of maternity pants. Another great product is the belly band - most pregnant moms loved them because you can wear your "skinny jeans" unbuttoned and the belly belt covers it.
    Raspy Wit

  2. Yay for maternity jeans, maybe I should buy them even though I'm not pregnant?

  3. I am incredibly jealous of women who are able to find maternity clothes that fit them. I wore maternity leggings pretty much the entire time because they just don't make maternity jeans in my length. Seriously one of the most devastating things ever.

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  6. you look so cute with short brown hair!! and i'm in the same boat. i am almost at the point where i can't fit into my jeans either, baby had a growth spirt recently. we also just got another snow storm so i don't think i'll be able to wear maxi skirts and dresses any time soon... boo. but maybe i should do what you did and invest in a good pair of maternity jeans. they look comfyyyy.

  7. i would like a pair - i am not even pregnant but i still would like a pair.

  8. I am a firm believer in expensive maternity jeans from pea in the pod. Totally worth the money.


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