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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Raising Awareness

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Mesothelioma..
This is an amazing woman named Heather Von St. James.
At the early age of 36, Heather was diagnosed with Mesothelioma just 3 1/2 months after giving birth to hear beautiful daughter Lily. Heather was given a short 15 month life expectancy unless she underwent a drastic surgery to remove her left lung. She is one tough woman and beat the odds and she's here 8 years later! Once someone is diagnosed with Mesothelioma, most patients pass away within 2 years!
Did you know that asbestos is the only known cause for Mesothelioma, and still is NOT banned here in the US? Heather was exposed to asbestos as a child through her father's work jacket and her diagnosis came about 30 years later..
Asbestos Awareness Week was earlier this month, but I felt like this was something important enough, that we should be raising awareness all year long! Heather has created an awareness page that is full of information, facts, pictures and her personal story.
Help amazing people like Heather by spreading the word about this preventable disease that is affecting people all over the US.
You can find her Awareness Page at
"Be a Voice for the victims"

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