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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This weekend was pretty much amazing since I took some time off from work & had Saturday off from School. I was able to sleep in for THREE days in a row... Guess I better take advantage of that while I'm able to! I spent 3 days at Comic Con (another post in itself..)& Celebrated Easter with the fam.
Waking up to the real life Easter Bunny was heavenly. His little whispy hairs tickled my nose as he gave me kisses and hopped around the house.
(forgive me looking so tired- like I said, I slept in for 3 days)

Spencer was so cute and got dressed up for Easter dinner at my parents & left me hangin in a tee shirt and shorts. SO.. he helped me pick this outfit so we both looked nice for dinner & Easter pictures.
My Easter present from S: HE SHAVED HIS FACE!
Hallelujah praise above! I sincerely almost cried tears of joy. That damn beard has been the start of many arguments.. and I may or may not have cried over it once.
It's. Gone.

 {Isn't my sister beautiful?}
Yep. that's me lounging on the couch with Spencer.. AND a bowl of dessert on my lap.
Would you expect anything different?
This Easter I felt especially thankful for all I haven been given.
I really have been so lucky and so blessed to have such an easy pregnancy. I haven't had a day go by where I've taken that for granted. I'm so happy, and I think it's absolutely mind blowing that next year at Easter, I'll have a 10 month old baby boy entertaining us.
I'll probably need another three days of sleeping in too.


  1. you both are beautiful! and holy bunny! It's huge!

    xo, lauryn

  2. You are so cute knocked up!
    When my husband grows a beard or mustache, I cut him off completely. No sex. Not even a good dry hump.... He never lasts for more than a few days.


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