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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 25 Update!

I am 25 weeks pregnant as of TODAY
& I'm in my 6th month (Almost 7th month)

According to {love this website} Baby Boy is about the size of an Acorn Squash
...which completely blows my mind!!

Lots of people at work have just started noticing I'm pregnant and ask how I'm feeling in my "first trimester".  {Which I think is crazy.. That's a LEGIT belly in that pic for people to just be noticing..!} When I tell them I'm 6 months pregnant, 7 months next week, their reaction is priceless. I'm loving that people are noticing that I'm actually pregnant, and not just wondering how my dinner was last night.
{I think it's been pretty freakin' obvious for a while now, but whatevs.}
I love my pregnant belly so much, I often wonder how often people catch me admiring my perfectly round belly, thinking I'm a total weirdo. But that's okay. I love how my belly button just barely pokes through my pj shirt at night too.
I'm still feeling great, and I'm hoping every pregnancy is just like this one. I really have enjoyed being pregnant. I also wonder how many people think I'm a total weirdo when I say that. That's okay too.
We've registered at Target & also at BuyBuy Baby which is a total Baby MECCA. If it weren't in Sandy I'd be driving out there at least once a week to add to my registry or admire the walls and walls of baby items they have there. It's probably a really good thing it's not just a short drive down the street.
Baby boy's kicks are getting stronger & I still freak out every time I can see my belly or my shirt move. I get all giggly when I poke my belly & he kicks or punches back. He's still the most active right after I eat, drink cold water, on car rides, or when I'm slightly reclined on the couch. Spencer kinda gets weirded out about feeling the kicks, but loves getting right by my growing belly to talk to babe. It's adorable.
It's been so fun to have baby boy respond to noises. I'll put my Lullaby Pandora station on and place it on my belly. He will slowly move or kick. Sometimes he stops moving and I imagine him in my belly being comforted my the soft music. We went to the Jazz game two weekends ago and at one point the crowd cheered so loud Mack started kicking like crazy!
Mack has recently been NUDGING his way right to the front of my belly- If I run my hand across my tummy I can feel his perfectly round head {or bum?} ....or So I thought. I found out I've really just been having Braxton Hicks contractions since 20 weeks. Sweet!
At my last appointment My midwife and her assistant told me how proud they were of the amount of weight I gained within a 4 week period. I was totally and completely shocked standing on the scale, but whatever is going to keep the baby healthy. Apparently the insane amount is "normal" for a 4 week span where I'm at in the pregnancy, and totally "abnormal" for normal Mikell. I guess things stopped being normal about 25 weeks ago though. And I love that. It's a rare thing to be told someone is proud of your massive weight gain haha
Speaking of weight gain, I'm still not craving anything which I guess is nice, but it also kinda bums me out. I was really looking forward to waking up at midnight to have Spencer go on treat-runs to the store for me & my late-night cravings. You lucked out, mister.
I've bought a few things for the nursery but I'm trying really hard to refrain since we don't know where we will be living, and we don't have much space to store things in the mean time. {I'll have to make another blog post on some of my Nursery Favorites from Etsy!}
According to my pregnancy app, Mack's primitive memory is beginning to develop, meaning music and voices will be leaving an impression in his brain. His spine has 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 vertebrae. His skin has now changed from translucent to a more opaque appearance. His cerebral cortex (part of the brain that is responsible for emotions, reasoning, planning and the ability to solve problems) is the most prominent part of his brain right now.
Anyways, Thanks for reading the update today!
25 weeks down, feeling so great, and only 15 weeks left to go.
I can't even believe how fast this has gone by.


  1. you sound like me. i LOVE being pregnant and admiring the little round bump! i haven't really had cravings and people are just noticing my pregnancy too haha i just noticed my belly moving slightly when he kicks and its SO weird haha but so cool at the same time. i'm going to start putting music up to my belly to see if he reacts. thanks for the tip :) i'm glad you're feeling great!!

    1. haha just wait until you see your belly bulge out quickly from a big kick! So much fun!

  2. You're making me want to be pregnant! So sweet.

    1. I WANT you to be pregnant! You'll be the sweetest mama...

  3. I love your pregnancy updates, yeee! So cute!


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