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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Friends Deserve Cards

My sweet friends Lindsey from Life on Countryside is CONSTANTLY thinking of me, and being so sweet. She's sent me the cutest little packages in the mail and will randomly text me to see how my day is going. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting new friends- and Linds has been one of those that I'll keep around forever!
Sweet Friends Deserve Cards. I am someone who loves picking out "the perfect card" for people, and I can spend hours in the card section. {ask Spencer..} I wanted to send Lindsey a little note in the mail and decided to use cardstore online!

 You can find their website here:
I was blown away at how cute their website is, and you can make cards for EVERY OCCASION! They had the cutest cards in their Friendship section and I found one that was PERFECT to send to Linds. My favorite part was customizing her card. The font, wording, pictures, colors.. you name it- you can go crazy & I made it exactly how I wanted it.
When I clicked on my shopping cart once the card was customized & ready, I had the option to have them mail it straight to her for me, which completely took out the hustle of me having to run to the post office. {you guys, I HATE the post office}
THE BEST PART: I was able to pick a card, customize it, have it stamped & mailed off FOR ME--- for less than what it would cost me to buy a cute card alone at my local store!!
Lindsey sent me some pictures of her card sent all the way to Minnesota!
I'm so happy with how the card turned out!


I will neverrrrr waste my time {or money} buying cards at the store again.
This is a perfect option for Mother's Day, too! You guys can thank me later!


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