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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Glucose Schmucose.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE being pregnant.
But. So far, the only downfall {next to my clothes shrinking in the wash} has been this damn glucose test. It's awful. The drink is okay, people need to get over that part.
It's how cruddy you feel afterwards. Like someone just forced you to drink a big tall glass of pure maple syrup in a 5 minute window. It goes down smooth but it about kills you the very minute it hits your empty rumbling stomach.
If you follow me on facebook/instagram, you probably saw my upset picture. I guzzled my glucola drink on Monday while some lab tech babysat me to make sure every drop was gone. In the mean time, I had to listen to her tell me in her broken accent not to spoil my kids or they'll wind up getting someone pregnant. Thanks for the advice, lady.
I walked down the hall to my Midwife & was weighed, had my blood pressure checked, had my questions answered, got the tdap vaccination (ouch!) and my fav part: got to listen to little man's heartbeat. Strong & loud. Then he kept kicking the mic monitor on my belly and about scared my midwife half to death. That's my boy!
I walked back to the lab 20 minutes early waiting to have my blood drawn again and could not get anyone to help me. By the time I pitched a fit and they drew blood, my time window for having an accurate glucose reading was gone. By 30 minutes. Resulting in me "probably" having to take it again. Boo.

About two minutes after I ate this delicious looking cupcake yesterday, my Midwife called me and said with them checking my glucose levels so late, my blood sugar should have been pretty low. The cut off for the glucose test is 140, and mine came in at a whopping 153.
Soo.. The three hour glucose test was up next. At least I enjoyed my cupcake first.
After I had a full on melt down last night doing the Kim Kardashian ugly cry over possibly having to cut out sugars, I had to get myself together & start fasting at 10pm which was great considering I was already in bed by then. {Acting like Kim K is exhausting!} This Gestational Diabetes business clearly doesn't get how serious I am about my treats. Not to mention fasting sucks. Always. You think I'd be used to it being Mormon and all, but it's so weird how I come down with weird sicknesses the first Sunday of every month. Now that I'm pregnant I can sit there and eat goldfish crackers out of a ziplock snack bag on my bench in happiness. Just like the 6 year old I sit by. Anyways, I had to consciously avoid the bottles of water calling my name during my routine 1:00am and 3:00am middle-of-the-night pees. No food, no water, no gum, no mints, no chapstick. {Really, no chapstick..?!}
I'm thankful I work so close to the University Hospital and can just walk over when I need to get my blood drawn on a whim. There were 15 people already waiting when I got there 10 minutes before they even opened. To my pleasant surprise they called my name first and told me I had priority. Props to the UofU lab techs for understanding a hungry pregnant woman.

7:20 am Blood Draw
7:30 am Glucola drink {all about the lemon-lime, friends!}
8:30 am Blood Draw
9:30 am Blood Draw
10:30 am Blood Draw

I've got more needle pokes on my arm today than an active heroine user.

I'll tell you what, I've never been so excited to eat an over-ripe partially squishy banana.
Glad that's over. I'm glad my fasting & blood draws are over as well.


  1. Oh my gosh I am constantly stealing my little cousins goldfish. The best!

  2. I am NOT going to make it in pregnancy if I have to get my blood drawn that often. Go girl.

  3. oh my gosh, this scares me haha. I have my glucose test on Tuesday!!

    1. haha Jennifer you'll do great! just make sure you are back exactly when they tell you to be!! and for real, get the lemon-lime drink!

  4. i brought a straw with me and that was life changing! but i agree, drinking it? no prob. the orange was fairly tasty! its after that made me feel so blah!
    hope you pass girl!

  5. Wow! You are one blooming pregnant lady. That cupcake looks scrumptious! Anyway, it's a good thing the sugar issue is done and dealt with. Gosh, you're so great and patient with all that blood drawing. Stay fit and healthy. :)

    Julie Louly @ BabyPlus


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