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Monday, May 12, 2014

Black, Black & Cobalt Blue

I've always loved pairing black with other colors because something about it screams "classic" I found these track pants on sale at the Nordstrom Rack (SCORE) and paired them with a black top, black flats & Cobalt Blue accessories- a necklace, and my favorite Michael Kors bag.

{Don't worry guys, I didn't count the awesome Unicorn Bandaid on my foot as a Cobalt Blue accessory. Maybe I should though..}

This is the perfect way to be comfortable, but not look like I'm walking around in grungy clothes.
Top: Old Navy HERE (more colors available)
Track Pants: Nordstrom- Similar HERE and HERE
Shoes: Dolce Vita HERE
Necklace: Charming Charlie- Similar HERE



  1. NEED those pants!
    you are so cute mama!

    1. definitely agree about those pants!

  2. I am sure you get this all the time but here goes... "you are so cute while pregnant!"


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