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Friday, May 16, 2014

Makeshift Dress

I absolutely HATE trying clothes on in the stores. Especially now that I've got a good size pregnant belly on me. Its exhausting and that thing really gets in the way. I bought a skirt last week at H&M that I fell in love with but when I got home I realized I couldn't get it up past my thighs. Awesome. So I went back and exchanged it for the next size up. Got home, tried it on, and it was WAAAY too long but I mean, this skirt has POCKETS! So I hung it up in my closet anyways..
I really wanted to wear it this week so.. I just pulled it up OVER my belly, tied a shirt I can no longer get over my belly, and made my own makeshift dress. Boom.
I may or may not have high-fived myself. Win.


  1. SUCH a great idea!!!! And you look adorable!! :)


  2. I do this all the time! At 4'10" maxi skirts just do not fit me properly. So I pull them up all the way into a strapless dress. I'll have to try this method too!

  3. Clever!! You have to do what works!!


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