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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tricked Ya, Mom!

I'm going to rewind this post to this past weekend. Saturday morning I woke up early to go to breakfast with some girls from school and was feeling great..

Baby Mackson is super active right after I eat, when I drink really cold water, and in the evenings. I felt a few tiny kicks in the morning when I was getting ready to go to breakfast, but even after I ate I didn't feel much. Saturday night Spencer & I had dinner, and I told him I hadn't felt Mack kick all day. I told Spencer to come talk to my belly to see if he could get him movin! Nothing. I went to bed slightly worried until I fell asleep.
Sunday morning I woke up after having dreams that the umbillical cord was wrapped around his little neck and realized I still hadn't felt anything. I can usually feel a few kicks here and there right as I'm waking up as well. So before getting ready for church I made myself a big bowl of Chocolate Lucky Charms (aaamazing..) And not even sending a load of sugar to my belly got Mack kicking. I tried toast, nothing. A freezing cold bottle of water, nothing. At this point I'm feeling pretty sick to my stomach. Not because of my sugary cereal I might add. I mean, that part was delicious.
I went to the first hour of church and couldn't get my mind off of baby Mack. I went home and drank another cold bottle of water and laid on my left side for an hour to see if I could feel anything. Not one kick. I've been doing kick counts with Mack where I'm supposed to feel 10 kicks within 2 hours but I can ususally feel about 10 kicks in a matter of a few minutes. I finally called my midwife and she told me a few things to do at home: eat something sugary (did that) and have a cold bottle of water and lay on my left side for an hour (did that)
Then she asked me to come to the OB/ER.
For Mother's Day, we told my mom we were going to make Sunday dinner for everyone so she could rest. Dinner was supposed to be at 5:00pm and I was just leaving to go to the OB/ER around 4:00pm. My sister also came down with the flu so she was ZERO help with dinner, the poor thing. Spencer left work and met me at the University Hospital. When I was driving in I started cramping SO BAD. I felt like I could hardly walk to the front doors.
I immediately got checked in to the ER and was asked question after question about Mack's kick patterns, and about the last time I felt his karate kicks. She gave me a band to put on for monitoring and came back in with a few different monitors. She couldn't seem to find his heartbeat which was about enough to make me barf. She got the ultrasound out and there it was- his perfect little heart all 4 chambers pumping like a champ. She saw he was laying face down and couldn't find his heartbeat because she was right on where his little shoulder was. The minute she put the monitors on my belly, on my finger, took my blood pressure,
BOOM. Kicks galore. Of course. It felt like he was saying, "haha tricked ya, mom!"

The Midwives needed 20 consecutive minutes of heart monitoring and the little bugger kept moving so the monitors would stop working. I finally told Spencer to leave after 6:00pm to get the dinner cooking at our place and run to my parent's house so they could have dinner. I laid there for over an hour and the only thing I could hear was little man's heartbeat.
I loved it.
They told me he was just takin it easy in there, and not to worry. My fluids were perfect, heart rate was wonderful and blood pressure was spot on. Little man was just taking a break and not to worry. I'm so glad I went in for some peace of mind, because the rest of the night I didn't feel him again.
My patient family and loving mother didn't get dinner until after 7:00pm and everyone was so sweet about it. Plus my dessert didn't turn out so that was way awesome.
I walked into my mom's house and got the biggest loving hug from my mom. She had a Mother's Day present for me- decor for the nursery, baby boy bibs & blankets. I couldn't believe she had thought to get me anything, or even wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Sunday morning I woke up to the Sweetest card from Spencer I sat and cried. There was money in the card to spend on anything I wanted at Buy Buy Baby. My sister got me the cutest card & an edible arrangement. I was feeling so overwhelmed and grateful.

I know I'm not quite a mother YET, in the get-to-hold-my-child sense of the word, but I can't imagine this Mother's Day being any better than it was..
Knowing all is well with the little guy made Mother's Day perfect. I am one lucky mama.


  1. Gosh I am so glad everything is okay. I've had a friend with a very similar beginning to your story but a very different ending so I'm glad little guy is okay. So glad you got to celebrate you cute little mama you!

  2. So glad everything was Kay! I had one of those scares at 16 weeks so I know how scary it is! Always better to get checked on and have peace of mind. Happy Mothers Day!

  3. Ps- love your blue dress!! Where is it from?


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