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Friday, June 27, 2014

Progress in the Yard

You guys are going to get quite a few posts on home updates so we can keep family in the loop. Sorry I'm not really too sorry since I'm pretty excited. I'll try to post before/after pictures so you can see the progress. Once everything is finished there will be a home tour here I'm sure!
This week we jumped right on taping the nursery so we could paint. Since that, we've decided to re-paint the Master Bedroom, what's going to be the office or guest bedroom, and we will also be painting the downstairs bathroom. You'll eventually see why the downstairs bathroom is a must-paint project!
Monday night when we got our keys and started right away at taping, it was probably 95 degrees in the house, and keep in mind there's no running water yet. We were both DYING of heat and Spencer was such a good sport and kept telling me, "just get comfy I'll do this" or "go downstairs it's cooler down there" But watching him work is kind of fun, and he looks dang good while doing it. So I was his cheerleader laying on the floor sweating to death.

 Tuesday night we made a trip to Lowes for lots of supplies. Spencer spackled a few holes in the wall and finished taping up the Nursery. I cleaned off the front porch, we changed the locks, I swept the entry way, the kitchen & the garage with Nat and started taping the Master Bedroom. My mom and Pink Grandma came down to help Spencer start working on the Amazon Jungle that is was our backyard.


I walked outside just long enough to take this picture before I saw 3 different mice, a Spider Sack, 3 Spiders probably just bigger than a quarter, and the stickery weeds before I decided I'd pull the pregnant card and get my butt back inside.
The kitchen is pretty dusty from when the window was busted out for a few weeks. Hopefully we will have running water in the next day or two so I can start sanitizing and cleaning all of that crap up.
We met two of our neighbors this week and we already love them. They've been more social in the 30 minutes we met them than ANY of our neighbors at our apartment have ever been. We're so excited and think we'll make some great friends!
Next.. bring on the painting!

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  1. We just recently moved into a new house too, it is SO exciting! Don't be sorry about the house posts lady. When we met our neighbors, one of them said "Hey, sorry about barging into your house when you were signing papers with your realtor...I was really drunk" (he came in trying to buy our house! haha!) but as soon as he acknowledged that he had been super awkward we were laughing and talking and I think we'll be friends with them too :)


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