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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

36 Weeks

Yesterday I had my 36 week dr appointment.
I was having some serious Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday that were much stronger than normal. Still didn't hurt me, and I could walk and talk through them.. but they were certainly stronger than they have ever been & I was getting about 8 per hour. That's a lot.
I asked my midwife to check my cervix to see if I was dilating. She said normally they won't check at 36 weeks because I'm still considered pre-term, but with how many contractions I was having and Spencer leaving town this morning, I needed to know for my own peace of mind.
I'm dilated to almost a 2.
"is that normal for 36 weeks?" ....everyones "normal" is so different it's hard to say, but I had a mini panic attack when my sweet midwife said, "I'd really like to try to get another week out of this pregnancy.."
We are almost done painting at the house and still need to get the carpets cleaned before we can move anything in. I'm totally helpless when it comes to lifting boxes and moving anything from the apartment to the new house, & I'm so overwhelmed with actually boxing stuff up, I'm terrified we'll be in the middle of a move living out of boxes when Mack decides to make his grand arrival.
Today I have my sister and two friends coming over to help me clean a few things at the house while Spencer is out of town. I'm so so lucky to have so many people that are willing to help me out. The hard part for me is asking or accepting. But I'm quickly learning that I'm to the point that I don't really have another choice.
It's been an emotional-roller-coaster-of-a-week to say the least, and I broke down and sobbed last night as Spencer was packing his suitcase for work. I've been sick for a week now, and I'm just tired. A real tired.
On the bright side, today is July 1st- my Favorite month!
It's packed with my favorite holidays, fireworks, parades & snow cones. It's birthday month for me, and I woke up slightly shocked that I will actually BE HAVING A BABY this month! It still feels like last week that I told Spencer I was pregnant!
I've been putting things together for my hospital bag, but it's not completely done yet and I'm far from feeling "ready" for this little dude to get here.
He should be weighing almost 6 pounds right now and he's as active as ever. He's dropped and my body is clearly getting ready with the amount of braxton hicks I've had the last couple days. Mack likes to stretch his little legs out and I can feel a perfect little footie on my side until I pusssshhh it back in and he will kick it right back out.
Hopefully babe waits just a little bit longer until we are settled in our place.
I'm also grateful for this goof-ball being by my side through all of this.
I'm extremely lucky & Mack is even more lucky to have him for a dad.


  1. You guys have a lot going on! You look awesome though!

  2. Girl, you look absolutely fantastic! Such an exciting time in your life, this month you will never forget. Life changing :)


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