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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blue Floral

I'm really running out of clothing options quickly.
My maternity pants are so uncomfortable I could scream, so it's very likely I'm in either a skirt or leggings. Preferably leggings since it's really hard for me to shave my legs right now.
BUT. I made an exception this week.
I got this skirt from Agnes & Dora and I love the bright colors!
The band at the top is perfect because it's super wide so I've been able to wear it through this whole pregnancy.. and no, it's not a maternity skirt! I love how long it is & it's extremely comfortable.

 This thing is gettin laaarggeee!
My blue ruched top is from Pea in The Pod, my shoes are Dolce Vita & my cobalt blue handbag is Michael Kors.


  1. Your bump is just all baby. It's adorable!

  2. ITT's official. You are the cutest preg girl ever, and I also need a blue purse.

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