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Monday, July 28, 2014

40 Weeks

Today's the day.
July 28th. My official due date!
July 28th, I've waited for you to come for 40 weeks.. and now you're here.. and you've {so far} got nothing to offer me.
I can't believe I'm 40 weeks pregnant today!
I also can't believe I still don't have a baby!
I've been waking up some most days pretty upset about it. Maybe it's just because my joints are starting to hurt, my hips are becoming sore, my belly is weighing me down, and my bones crack literally every time I roll over in bed. I'm tired.
My maternity pants are miserably uncomfortable (yes, even with the stretchy band..) And my clothes that buttoned last week no longer button. I may or may not have cried on the floor of my closet. And by that, I mean I did actually cry. Like a lot. Then I took a nap. Crying while you're pregnant is exhausting.
We spent our Pioneer Day Holiday weekend (that's a real thing my friends..) not making plans because we thought FOR SURE this little dude would be here any second. We did attend a block party that was fun and really nice to meet some of our neighbors.
I went on a "last-girls-luncheon" with my mom and sister. We really just needed a reason to go to the new Corner Bakery in Bountiful. Which I'm pretty excited about. Merely for their mini chocolate bundt cakes.
Since Mack's car seat didn't fit in either one of our cars, Spencer and I got a "mom and dad" car.. Which I'm really excited about.. a new {well, new to us..} Nissan Altima. It's a beauty and it starts with a push of a button. It's even got a cd player in the dash. Which is pretty amazing considering my lovely VW Cabrio had a cassette player. Not even kidding. You guys, even the windows roll up and down. This car is quite the luxury upgrade. And we love it.
Spencer & I went on a date night to Johnny Rocket's and ate ice cream while we watched the fountain show at Station Park. It was slightly crazy to think it may have been our last date night together without a little nugget to worry about!
This look on my face is slightly desperate. I'm a planner. And not knowing exactly when Mack is arriving gives me some serious heartburn.
Anyways, Spencer asked me the other night if my water could break in the middle of the night. I told him yes, it could happen any second. When I went to get into bed I heard "schlclshelchlh" and realized something wasn't quite right...
This is the moment I realized Spencer placed a large garbage bag underneath the fitted sheet. You know, JUST in case.... hahahahahahah
so awesome.
Well folks, Happy due date to me.
Hopefully this babe will be here soon. It feels like it will never happen.


  1. I just laughed at that garbage bag! Ha! Guess he's a little nervous. Keeping my fingers crossed for you...I was just wondering this morning if you had had him yet!

  2. Oh girl! Hang in there! He will be here soon enough!! I feel for you! Being pregnant is plain exhausting!! You are beautiful!! SO excited for you!!

  3. My husband looked at me with this terrified look in his eyes and said "what if your water breaks in the bed?! we'd have to buy a new mattress! oh my god... what if it broke on the couch!? we'd have to buy a new couch!!"

  4. Hahahaha I love that he put a trash bag under the sheet and didn't tell you! That is a riot!!!


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