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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


SOO.. The last week or so has been a little nuts. Our typical lives as of lately.

I got the carpets cleaned and built the glider chair for the nursery! Once Spencer was home from North Dakota we spent every waking minute trying to pack things up in the little amount of time that Spencer was here before he left for work again. I put the crib together while Spencer was unloading boxes and I wanted to cry. Our place still doesn't have air conditioning and the upstairs is at least 100 degrees of hot, stuffy air. Miserable.

{sneak preview} 
It's funny how much relief I feel just having the crib put together..

We've purchased a fridge that has nothing in it but bottled water, Gatorade and a few pudding packs. But I mean, really.. what else do you need?
I bought my first major appliances this week also. Front load washer/dryer and I was actually so excited about it I felt some depression from realizing that's a sign I'm getting old. Who would have thought I'd be excited about a washer/dryer??
{You should have seen how excited I was about buying baby laundry detergent}

..Then I got tired of walking through Lowes for the millionth time this month and made Spencer push me in the cart. He's a good man.
 We spent the whole 4th of July packing and moving boxes back and forth. I really wasn't much help so Spencer left me at the apartment to box small stuff up and he took load after load after load down to the house by himself. I really wanted to nap, and he wanted me to nap, but my heart broke every. time. we walked back in the front door to get another load and was more exhausted than the last time. Again, he's a good man.
We stopped moving boxes around 7:30 and went to my parents for a BBQ and red, white and blue Popsicles.
Winston has LOVED having boxes and things to climb around on while we've been packing. He thinks we've been setting up new playgrounds for him all along!

{Those fabric scraps he's laying on were originally going to be turned into burp cloths for the baby.. but Winston has taken ownership of them since. They are now WINSONS burp cloths.}

 Sunday night I couldn't sleep at all because I was so sick. This is the third week I've had my cold and it kept getting worse. I just sobbed when Spencer woke up and he went with me to Instacare as soon as they opened. I have a horrible sinus infection and have been on antibiotics that are sloooowly helping.
Spencer went back to North Dakota yesterday morning for a 10 day work period. This is such a great opportunity for him and we are soo excited about it. He should be back the evening of the 17th. I'm hoping this baby decides he's cozy for a while and stays put until Spencer is back. If I start laboring he can take a company vehicle to drive home or they're going to do their very best at getting him on the first flight out.
I'm 37 weeks pregnant this week & I woke up this morning feeling a little different. Baby dropped over night and I am feeling him SO LOW today. I'm trying so hard to take it easy. We've still got so many boxes to move into the house and I have so much to do before Spencer gets back. Right now it's hard to have things in both of our places- I want as much moved into the house as possible but living there is out of the question with how scorching hot it is. I can't even describe..
We have to be out of our place and have it cleaned BY the 21st of this month so we're in a bit of a crunch and there's not much either one of us can do about it with Spencer being gone and me needing to take it easy.
Besides all of that, I'm feeling really good for being "so pregnant" and I'm still really comfortable. I love my growing bump so much I'm honestly going to be sad to lose it.
{but hopefully I  DO lose it, eventually?} I'm sleeping really well at night and I still have a significant amount of energy. I bought baby's changing table yesterday and I'm looking forward to *carefully* putting that together this weekend.
...Things are moving right along...


  1. i love you. that is all. oh an winston - i love him too.

  2. I hope when I have a baby bump its as cute as yours :)

  3. I'm sorry you're still so sick! Hopefully that goes away soon.

    And you've got to be the cutest prego I've ever seen. I'm loving the bump on you. :)

    xo Denise

  4. how cute is winston! and his mama of course.
    full term!!!

  5. yes you take it easy! cant wait for 3 more weeks!!

  6. Hi! I am new to your blog and dying over Winston!!! Oh my gosh- SO cute!!


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