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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mackson is 3 Months Old

Baby Mackson is 3 months old.
(I'm really behind writing this, considering he turned 3 months old on November 2nd)
Mackson is the best baby, I don't know what I did to luck out like I have.

Mack still loves the tub! When he's crying or tired but it's too early for him to go to bed, I will turn the water on in the bathtub and he immediately stops crying. No matter how tired he is, he would rather be in the bath than sleep. He splashes so cute, and looks shocked when the water hits him in the face and grins that big gummy smile that just kills me.
He also loves showers. I was in the shower one night and he was crying with Spencer. Spencer brought him in the bathroom and he heard the water and calmed right down. We stripped him down nakey boy and put him in the shower with me and he LOVED IT!
Sucking on his little hands are still his favorite thing. It's been really fun to watch him discover his hands more and more everyday. If they aren't in his mouth, his tiny hands are trying to hold his bottles, or he touches my arm softly as I'm feeding him. He's been good at holding things like his little pacifiers, his little blankets, my fingers while he falls asleep, and it's the most adorable thing ever when he holds his own hand.
He's still wearing newborn clothes, but he only fits into Carter's brand because he's soo long. Any of his 0-3 month clothes drown him, and I'm excited for him to grow a little bit so we can utilize the rest of the cute clothes in his closet. His little belly is rounding out and his tiny legs have gotten so long!
His favorite face is his "surprised face" he opens his mouth as far as he can and takes a big breath in and sighs. The last few weeks he has been making the cutest kissy lip face, and his favorite noise to make is "kkkkkkkkkkk" over and over. The last few days he's discovered he knows how to spit. Spencer thinks it's hilarious, so I have a feeling that one will be around for a while.
He loves talking and making noises, but if I record him and play it back to him he gets SO EXCITED. He will kick so hard, coo, and wave his arms around. His favorite thing is the mirror, and loves looking at the cute baby in the reflection.
He's lost most of his hair and I love it. I love his almost-bald head, even though I loved his full head of hair previously. For now, I like him bald.
Mack is a trooper with our abrupt schedule change since I've had to go back to work. He sleeps through the night, wakes up to eat, is such a good boy in the car driving to my mom's house, and sleeps again once he's in his crib there. I couldn't ask for a happier baby waking up at 4 to eat, and again at 6 to leave the house. It makes the start of my day so much easier.
Mack still doesn't love tummy time, it wears him right out. It's exhausting being a baby. If he's having a hard time falling asleep, tummy time does the trick. He's got such a strong little neck considering he could hold it up as a newborn. He's so aware of what's around him and will look side to side, up and down.
I love it when we are driving in the car and I look in the little mirror he has by his car seat. Sometimes we'll make eye contact and he just smiles so big.. It's made me get all teary a few times. He definitely knows who his mama is.
He has a special love for his grandma who watches him during the day. He's absolutely goo-goo-gah-gah for her and It makes my heart so happy. He also loves his pink gma great, and great papa. Papa pokes Mackson's belly and says, "You're a good baby! You're a good baby!" and Mackson smiles SO BIG!
We've almost got him to belly laugh, but not quite. He squeaks just a little bit but stops right before the big laugh happens. I've tried everything. Until it happens, I'll just keep looking silly trying.
It's been so fun to watch him grow and be more aware of what's going on around him. I'm soo blessed to be his mom, and I honestly couldn't ask for a better baby. When people at work say, "How are you waking up in the night with a baby and making it to work in the morning?!" People are shocked when I tell them he's been sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks. I've been told multiple times to never have more kids because they'll never be as good as Mackson hahah
I often miss being pregnant. Okay, every single day I miss being pregnant. But the joys this tiny tot brings me are incredible.
Thanks for being my little buddy, Mack.
Mama loves you!

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