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Monday, December 1, 2014


I know a lot of people think the "30 days of Thankful" on facebook is totally overrated because we should be thankful everyday. Which is  completely true. But I think it's a lot easier to remember exactly how thankful we are for things when the entire month of November is based around being thankful. I didn't post anything on facebook about what I'm thankful for or why, so I thought I would post more than a few things that have been on my mind lately.
.i'm thankful for family.
for husband. for baby. for my role as wife & mom. for my own mom & dad. for sister. for brother. grandparents. in-laws. extended family.
I am so lucky to have a family that does so much for me.
.i'm thankful for means of travel.
for a car that runs so well and allows me to conveniently get to doctors appointments, work, grocery stores, to family, friends, & anywhere else i decide to drive to on a whim.
.i'm thankful for photography.
for being able to capture moments that mean so much to me. these pictures are so dear to me and allow me to remember times forever, see how things have changed, and give me something to show my kids one day.
.i'm thankful for a messy kitchen.
for reminding me i have food whenever i need/want it. i often take this for granted because it's so readily available. it breaks my heart to think there are people all over the world going hungry each day. i often forget how lucky i am to not only have an abundance of food in my fridge, but restaurants so close.
.i'm thankful for loads of laundry.
for reminding me that i have clothes that keep me covered and comfortable. for having a coat to keep me warm when it's cold outside. for shoes and socks that protect my feet. and for gloves that warm my hands.
.i'm thankful for my home.
for giving my family shelter. for allowing us to have a place to make memories together. to be comfortable. for giving me a safe place to sleep at night. for giving me a safe place to raise and teach my child.
.i'm thankful for my role as mother.
for my Heavenly Father to trust me with such a sacred, humbling job. for the chance i have to teach and learn. for the chance to be an example, and for the chance to love infinitely. i'm thankful for my role as mother, because it has allowed me a slight understanding of how much Christ loves me.
.i'm thankful for my daily failures.
for reminding me that tomorrow i can try again and do a little better.
.i'm thankful for my daily successes.
for accomplishments big or small.
.i'm thankful to my Heavenly Father.
for giving me all of these things. for memories, for blessings, for safety and comfort. for my family and all of the many things i love. for trusting me and allowing me to learn. 
Today i'm feeling so extremely blessed and loved.
Today i am especially thankful.

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