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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mommy Must-Have Items {Part 1}

When I was putting together a baby registry, I had never felt so helpless in my life. I literally had no idea what I would use or what I needed to buy. Now that I have Mackson, I thought I would write a list of the Top 9 things that we just couldn't (or wouldn't want to) do without!

{Part 1}
#1. Boppy Pillow.
The Boppy Pillow is the most well-known breastfeeding pillow. This has made breastfeeding so comfortable for both Mackson and myself. It's lightweight, soft, and I've discovered it has multiple uses. I had it with me at the hospital for some additional comfort in the hospital bed, we've used it to prop up Mack a little bit when he lays on his back, we've used it for a more comfortable tummy time, I have used it as a donut pillow to sit on after the hospital + lots of stitches, and I've also used it as a neck pillow on our Thanksgiving road trip to Idaho. Who knew it had so many uses?!
-Available online HERE!-

*Tip: If you buy anything at Pea In The Pod, or if you register at BuyBuy Baby you'll get a little goodie bag with lots of samples and some gift cards, which includes a gift card for a free nursing pillow- you just have to pay for shipping!
#2. The Diaper Genie.
This should be at the top of your baby registry. I had multiple people tell me before I registered they thought it was a waste of money. I now think those people are freaking crazy. This is a sanitary, quick way to get rid of those diapers and keep the diaper smells AWAY! Mackson's Nursery has never smelled like dirty diapers and I can thank my Diaper Genie for that.
-Available online, and cheapest HERE!-

*Tip: You can get 30% off a large refill pack of can liners right now at with code "JINGLE14" at checkout! Plus, If you create an account with them and complete your profile, you'll also receive FREE shipping on any order over $49.00- that's every baby item you can possibly think of, delivered right to your door (usually the next day!)
#3. HoMedics SoundSpa Noise Machine.
When I first purchased this, I thought it was a great idea, but I was also unsure of how often it would actually be used. Every. Single. Day. Mackson sleeps soo much better having a little bit of noise in the room, and this was the only stationary machine I found that had a great selection of noises programmed. There's Ocean, Summer Night, Rain, Rain Forest, Waterfall, and Natural Heartbeat. (White noise option gives me the willies so I loved finding a machine that didn't even have it as an option!) Mack's favorite is the Waterfall and we have it on all night long.
-Available online HERE!- 

*Tip: If you register at BuyBuy Baby or sign up for their emails, you'll occasionally get a 20% off coupon which can be used towards this machine! ka-ching!
#4. Noise Machine On-The-Go.
We took this on our road trip to Idaho and it was a lifesaver. With the hook we could attach it to his carrier, or the inside of his pack and play. We had something portable, and something that sounded familiar to him when we were staying in a new place. Plus, it was only $9.99 and it has a timer to shut off on it's own. I was so grateful I had this!
-Available online HERE!-

*Tip: This does not come with batteries- make sure you've got at least 3 AAA batteries on hand!
#5. NUK Air System Bottles.
I was originally using Medela bottles since that's what came with my pump. Unfortunately, after every time Mack would drink a bottle, he would spit up. A lot. This really worried me considering I knew I would be going back to work and didn't have another option but a bottle while I was away. I found the NUK Orthodontic Air System Bottles and they made my life a little easier! They have an air vent system to help reduce gas and colic. Mack doesn't spit up NEARLY as much as he did with other bottles. Plus these have a disc that can be placed in the opening of the bottle to prevent leaks and spills. Which means it can be thrown into my purse and not cause a huge leaky mess. Boom.

*Tip: You can go to the NUK Website and there's $1.00 off printable Coupon! The link is HERE
#6. Covered Goods Nursing Cover.
I had a few friends recommend these covers and I LOVE THEM! They're stretchy, lightweight, comfortable, and they breathe well. They also fold or roll up small to fit easily in a diaper bag. They're stylish, and they cover your FRONT & BACK for maximum privacy! I like this cover soo much better than the front only apron-looking cover. I have felt really comfortable nursing in public as long as I have this on.
-Available online HERE!-
*Tip: You can also use them as a car seat cover!
#7. Aden + Ansis Swaddles.
A pack of these swaddles can get a little pricey, but honestly they're totally worth the money. I got a few packs of these for shower gifts and I use them ALL THE TIME! They're large swaddles and they are lightweight for summer, but can also be used to swaddle baby up in the Winter months as well. I use them for blankies & swaddles, I lay them on the floor for baby to play on, I've used them as burp cloths, nursing covers, car seat covers, & I've put them up in the window of the car for some shade for baby! These are versatile and for that, I love them.
-Available online HERE!-
*Tip: Check out the Aden + Anis website- they have swaddles in different fabrics too!
#8. Medela Nipple Shield.
Whoever invented this is a genius. Pure. Genius. Baby and I had a hard time in the hospital establishing a good breastfeeding routine. This not only helped baby to latch easier, but it's protected the nips when they needed an occasional break. Breastfeeding is awful when you have cracked, bleeding nips, and this offers a little bit of relief when ya need some! Mackson never had any nipple confusion using this, so that wasn't a problem. They're about $9.50 per nipple shield, so a little on the pricey end. BUT, trust me. Worth it.
-Available online HERE!-
*Tip: These are clear, and blend into ANYTHING. I've lost a couple, so buying a case for them online is really helpful! Plus, the case keeps them sanitary for next use!
#9. The Solly Wrap.
Oh, my love for the Solly wrap. Every time I have worn Mackson in my Solly Wrap people have asked me about it. It has just enough stretch in the fabric to be comfortable, and it holds baby in nice and secure! Mackson loves being so close, and it's been great for the days that he wants to be held, but I need some free hands to get stuff done! There's a pocket at the end of the wrap so you can fold it up inside of itself and it stores nicely in my diaper bag! Each wrap is $65.00 and there's FREE shipping online!
The Solly Wrap has probably been my favorite baby item purchase!
-Available online HERE!-
*Tip: Their website has video tutorials on how to use it!
I hope this helps a little bit for those of you wondering what to register for, or get for when baby is here! There will be a part 2 to this post with a few more things I love and am so thankful to have!


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