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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mackson is 4 Months Old

Baby Mackson is FOUR months old! {yesterday}
Time is flying by, but I'm loving every minute of it.

Mackson has always been good at little coos and sighs, but this past week he has certainly found his tiny voice! It's been so fun to "chat" with him and talk back and forth. I love it.
Mack loves blowing spit bubbles lately & Spencer thinks it's hilarious.

He still loves sucking on his hands and he's super slobbery.  
(as you can see by his drool-soaked shirt)
Mack thinks he's all grown up and tries to hold his own bottle. *sigh*
When he eats he quickly finds one of my fingers and grips it with his little hand.
He's sleeping about 11 1/2 hours a night and it's glorious.
He's getting really good at gripping his toys & it's been so fun to watch him try to process all of the colors and sounds they make.
Lately when he smiles he gives a big gummy grin, but smiles with his eyes too. This makes him look just like his mama.
He's {finally} growing like a weed & it's gradually getting harder for me to tote him around  in his carrier. But with that being said, he's still wearing newborn diapers & newborn clothes with the exception of his 3 month sized jammies.
He's been pretty cuddly at night and has fallen asleep with me holding him tight. These are the nights I never want to put him down.
His favorite time is still bath time, and still calms right down as soon as he hears the water running.

His face is just barely starting to chub up a bit & kissing his cheeks is my favorite past time.

We love this tiny tot so much!!
Happy 4 Months little babe!


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