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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Mom

This last weekend was SO fun and eventful!
Friday night we drove to Provo to see Spencer's Sister Sherry, her husband Nate and their 5 kids. Spencer and I try to visit every time he is here catching a break from work. I LOVE our Provo visits and every time I'm reminded what an awesome family I'm marrying. This post is all about our Friday night visit!
First we usually stop at Rocky Mountain Diner for some of the greatest fries, and a huge shake that we can never finish. They recently put up pictures of my lady, Marilyn Monroe! (NOTICE how Spencer is catching onto my OCD habits of not eating fry ends...)

Here Claire and Hazel are lovin on Quinn who is one of the three triplets! Claire has the cutest blonde curly hair I've ever seen on a 3 year old. Hazel is 4 and has the most energy I've ever seen in a 4 year old. I love it..
Here is Wilson and James. The other two of the triplets. Wilson is the cutest old man baby I have ever seen, and James is a little confused about Spencer's hat on his head. James has QUITE the head of hair which you'll see in a few pictures..

The triplets are 10 Months old and I'm extremely proud I got a picture of the three of them together <3

Spencer's sister Sherry is the absolute true definition of a SUPER MOM. Sherry is such a good mom to all 5 kids- (all under the age of 4) I stole this picture from her blog- but I think this does a good job explaining why I think she is SUPER MOM. Feeding all 3 babies WITH a spare hand. Amazing.

Keeping up with her blog is so insightful and so much fun to read. It's titled LIMO MOM... this is why...

This is their Lincoln town car stretch Limo. One word sums it up: LEGIT!
You try fitting 2 toddler seats and 5 baby carriers into a car...!

This is all the kids in the Limo, plus myself and Spencer STILL with plenty of room to spare. What an awesome ride, all the way down to the crystal..

We all hopped into the limo and headed out for dinner- a night out on the town. I felt like a movie star with everyone wondering who was going to pop out of the stretch limo. People were mobbing the car as we parked with their pens and scratch papers just waiting for our autographs.

Not really. But how awesome.

We ate at this cute pizza place in Provo called Malawi's Pizza that had Gluten Free options for Sherry and Spencer. Malawi's also had the most awesome bathroom sinks I'v ever seen.
 If any of you ever go there to eat, make sure you don't use the bathroom before you leave your house so you can be sure to check out their sinks. Seriously. Quinny Quinn, James (also known on Sherry's blog as Tupee), and Wilson ate pizza for the first time. YUM.

Look at Quinny's smile! How can you see that and not just adore her. Then there's James who is totally fine just chillin in his carrier. NOTICE how much hair he has! Spencer hangin out with Wilson for some quality dude time. Wilson liked watching the sports that were playing on the big screen while everyone was eating!

After dinner we played Candy Land with Hazel and Claire. What a way to top off the night, considering I'm 22 years old and Candy Land is still one of my favorite games.

Sherry had the most BRILLIANT idea for the day of the wedding. Using their limo for transportation to Wheeler Farm for the reception.
Spencer is going to need some convincing. But I'm working on it.
The wedding day wouldn't be complete without the stretch limo!


  1. I feel totally honored. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. I'm so excited for you to be my OFFICIAL sister-in-law. I love you and your family so so much.


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