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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Date Nights

Last night Spencer went back to work. Sad day. Our weeks together seem to be getting shorter and shorter and farther and farther apart. I try to be such a TOUGH GIRL about it but last night the flood gates opened.
My entire family has been so sick lately and yesterday all of that caught up to me. Lovely. I was laying in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself that my security blanket is now driving back to Vernal, when I decided to have an attitute change. I decided to be thankful for the week a month we do have together, and how valued that week is. I realized how thankful I am for our "official date nights" that happen one night on the weeks Spencer is here, usually going out with Josh and Kiersten.

Here are some pictures from our last "foursome" Saturday date night..

The foursome.

Dinner at Z'tejas was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

To make our date night official we got all dolled up with our lipstick on!

We went to see a movie after dinner. Kiersten and I picked Haywire thinking we were perfect spouses for picking a dude movie. WRONG. Horrible, awful, dumb, bad, bad. If any of you out there are considering going to that movie- DON'T!

Besides picking a really stupid movie, the night together was really fun.
Great company, great food, great conversation.
Today I am thankful for date night.


  1. such a fun night! remember how we were stuck in the parking lot for like an hour after!


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