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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Ginger-rific Birthday!

Today is my 100th blog post!!
Which is a celebration alone!
Happy my 100th blog post is about Fatalie!

I'm pretty sure everyone probably knows Natalie by know.
[AKA: Fatalie]
You can find my blog post on Fatalie HERE

Today is this little Ginger's 19th Birthday!!!!
19 years ago this flaming red head came out of the womb looking like a smurf child.. All blue and baby ugly with a red hair. Demon child? Probably
My mom tried to convince herself she birthed an Angel and dressed Fatalie up in an angel costume for baby pictures. Unfortunately for ya'll I couldn't find a picture.

To honor ginger-face, I thought I'd post some pictures she doesn't know I have.

For those of you who grew up in the 90's know the TV show that was on after school.. ZOOM.
This was a recipe she followed from ZOOM one day. I'm not sure, but I THINK they're cookies..

Here she is with prune fingers looking all innocent..
You should have seen her little ginger fro when her hair was that short and dry!
She was a total water weenie growing up! IF she wasn't in the pool, she was laying naked in the bathtub with her underwear pulled up around her chest and my dads big tee shirt wrapped around her legs pretending to be a mermaid.
Good times I tell ya..

This picture is PROBABLY one of my favorites. When Fatalie was little she would wish for more freckles so they would all blend together and she would just look tan. Like one giant walking freckle. You can see on her cheeks she was doing a good job..

Now this next picture is for those with children who are a little on the crazy side. If this doesn't give you hope, I don't know what will....

See.. Even if your child decides it's really funny to take the curly red hairs out of her hair brush to make it look like chest hair... There's still potential she MIGHT grow up normal.
In this case, I think We lucked out with Fatalie..

Natalie is someone who I KNOW I will have a good time with.
[see below]

SURPRISINGLY, not EVERY picture I have of Fatalie is ugly..

AND, on occasion we like to be normal together.

We will always share a love for using strange voices for each other, name calling (to one another, gory zombie movies & looking at awkward family photos. [Of other people.]
 We will never get sick of laughing about the time we went to family dinner at Robintino's when dad was REALLY moody, and I shot a spit wad right at his forehead.
Sometimes you just need a good ice-breaker!

This little ginger is growing right up- 19 years old today.
BUT no matter how old we both get, she'll always be my best friend.
Some of my favorite times have been with Fatalie.


-your (little) big sister!

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