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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Deal or No Deal?

if you asked my husband he would tell you I've been a total annoyance about having babies. Not that I want a baby RIGHT NOW, but I've certainly wanted to talk about it.
[I think more just to be annoying..]
Lets backtrack now...
Since about June I've been BEGGING Spencer to get me a bunny.
Apparently I just feel the need to take care of something living and cute.
My tomato plant just isn't cutting it, because it's not real cute.
June passed, NO bunny. July came around and it was PERFECT- I'll ask for a bunny for my birthday! I even made a board on pinterest called "Bring me bunnies" thinking Spencer might check my pinetrest account for gift ideas.
He did check it, but somehow missed the bunny memo.
A few days before my Birthday Spencer made it VERY CLEAR I was NOT getting a bunny. And if my parents got me one, we would be taking it back. Rude.
[But hey, maybe if I didn't get a bunny I could have that baby..?]
I kind of let go of the bunny thing, and really focused on the babies. Then my friend Kelli had her baby as you read in a few blog posts ago. This is when I realized Spencer knows NOTHING about pregnancy or having babies. SHOCKING.
I guess it makes sense, but really though. Bless his heart.
I helped him a few days ago with homework and asked what I got in return. His response, "Anything you want." BAD IDEA for him, GREAT idea for me!
He agreed. I'm sure he's totally pulling my leg. He HAS TO BE! What an awful joke.
"I'll get you a bunny if you agree to wait a year before we have kids"
"I'll have to sleep on it"
I thought about all of the pros/cons of this deal, and the pros outweighed the cons by far! We've only been married 5 months. Can I wait to have kids? Absolutely. Do I think waiting is a good idea? Absolutely.
[especially after discovering Spencer is clueless]
Meet Winston
The newest addition to the Gordon Family!
This little guy is TOTALLY awesome. We brought him home last night from the nicest breeder. He's a purebred Lionhead bunny- all white with blue eyes!
He looks huge from all of his fluff, but he's SO TINY!
His fluffiness is so adorable I can't even stand it.
This Video is exactly how I feel.
[if you haven't seen Despicable Me you are MISSING OUT!]
I'm working on Potty training Winston right now, and so far he has free range to the house and goes in his cage at night. No accidents yet!
Last night when we brought him home he slowly hopped around and sniffed everything. Today when I let him out he ran around and jumped and hopped! SO CUTE.
He learned how to jump in and out of his cage- which results in this mess.. until we can figure out a better set up.
He's SO fluffy that his bedding just sticks to him. He had the messiest little face this morning! He's cuddly, cute
AND Spencer totally loves him!
How could you NOT with a face like this??
Love you lots already Winston!


  1. He's adorable! I love how fuzzy he is. I keep telling Robbie that I we get an animal I want a bunny. No luck yet. I don't have your persuasion skills I guess. Congrats! I'm jealous! :)

    1. Just keep workin Robbie.
      I just got so annoying that I'm sure Spencer just gave in so I didn't bug him anymore :)
      miss seein you!

  2. Oh my gosh, I've seen a breed like this, he's amazing & I LOVE the name you chose! x

    1. Thanks so much! He's quite the fluff ball! :)


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