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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peach Cobbler

I like to cook. I really do.
Spencer wouldn't say so.. BUT. I would.

With Spencer previously working at Halliburton and not being home very often, when he WAS home our schedules were usually jam-packed with plans. Family, friends, date nights..
A home cooked meal was NEVER on our menu.
Now that he's home and going to school I've been trying harder to cook..
We are never at home for breakfast or lunch, and two days a week we aren't home together for dinner either.
SO whether I'm making cookies, dinners, side dishes.. whatever.. I'm attempting.
[Spencer, by the way, is a fabulous cook.]

Last night I decided to make Peach Cobbler. with FRESH peaches.
We love this time of year- peach season.

I invited my mom over to have some of our cobbler.
My recipe was passed down for who knows how long, but I know that my pink grandma, mom, and Aunt Diane used to make it together. Every time I make Peach Cobbler I can't help but think of the three of them in the kitchen enjoying their treat together.

Unfortunately mom wasn't able to make it down to our place SO
we each ate a bowl of heaven just the two of us.

[Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the cobbler after. I was too busy eating it!]

I decided to take the almost empty garbage out only because there were peach skins in it and we've had a problem with those pesky little fruit flies.
[The very thought of them makes me cringe!]
Just as I opened our front door the missionaries were talking to our neighbor across the hall!
We invited the Elders in for Peach Cobbler but it was 9:00pm already so we loaded up two paper plates and sent them on their way. As they left they turned around and said, "WE OWE YOU!"

Sharing my Peach Cobbler with the missionaries was my good deed for the day.


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