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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Busy

August has been such a busy month I feel like I have hardly had time to blog about anything. Over the next week my blog will be flooded with update posts on what's been going on!

I have stayed SO busy at work. Our previous cashier put her two weeks in, and luckily for me my SISTER got the job! She has been so awesome and everyone LOVES her!
This was a picture from her first day at work.
I think she passed!
Working with Fatalie has been so fun, and such a blessing for me helping me out at work. We get to be together everyday which I'm super happy about considering she is moving to Hawaii in December!
I've been busy with Lash Extensions which is awesome! 
I enjoy doing them and it's decent money on the side.
I've also started taking newborn pictures and have absolutely fallen in love with working so closely with babies and their moms. A special thanks to my friends for having beautiful babies that make this job so fun!
This is baby Jace.. here is a Mini preview of his baby pictures..
Spencer started school this week and his first day seemed to go pretty well.. I'm hoping his English class doesn't get too overwhelming he has a written paper due every Tuesday and Thursday.

As you can see things around here have been busy.
Busy but good.
LOTS of updates to come this week!


  1. you are the next martha stewart i swear! awesome baby pics mikelly

    1. That's the best compliment I could ever receive!
      Thanks Jessi!!
      Love you!

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