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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Primary Class

Missing a few kids in this picture..
Last Sunday was my last week as a Primary teacher to the CUTEST 4 year olds I've ever seen.
This made me beyond sad.
The funniest things I've ever heard from children came from these kids.
EVERY WEEK was hilarious with these kids!

Last week was technically supposed to be the last Sunday in our home ward. With Spencer working at Halliburton when we first got married the Bishop told us to stay in our home ward until he was finished living in Vernal so I wasn't going to a new ward by myself..
BUT today Fatalie sang in Sacrament meeting soo that meant we just stayed for the rest of the block.

Sitting in Sunday school I could hear the Primary singing in the next room. I could especially hear one little girl in my class- she is HARD to miss!!
When church was over a few of the kids ran and found me in the hall to show me the pictures they colored. Their genuine love and tight tight hugs will never get old..

I sure will miss those little muchkins!!

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