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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Dirty!

So this past Saturday was the Kiss Me Dirty Salt Lake City race series supporting Gynecological Cancer Research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Since I typically don't have the opportunity to roll around in mud AND I would be supporting my place of work.. I thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Kiersten and I did some pep talking and got ready to get DIRTY!
(with custom made tanks by yours truly I might add..)
Our team name: Some like it dirty.

When the first few waves were finishing before we had even started, we were a little skeptical about how NONE of them were muddy..?! 
This my friends, would not be the case for us.
I mean really..? Who signs up for a MUD RUN and doesn't get muddy?

We were 7th wave of this run and started at 9:30 am. Considering the fact Kierst is a total gym nut and I'm COMPLETELY out of shape, I think I kept up with her pretty well. She would probably say otherwise, but that's cool too. When we started passing girls from wave 6- I was feelin GOOD! 

Here are some pics from our adventure!
Here's our BEFORE picture.
[Nice & Clean.]

My Husband is a total sweetheart and came to cheer us on.
[& take a few pics] you can see we are no longer squeaky clean..

Spencer showed up towards the last part of the race. We passed through huge muddy pipes, muddy tires, practically swam in mud water, and here and there threw a few mud chunks at each other.
The finish line was running through a HUGE cloud pillow of bubbles.
That's what is all over our legs.
Our KMD Swag!
Our shoes totally trashed. The shoes lined up are all of the pairs that were donated by the runners. Each pair earned 75 cents to go towards research. They pay a company to come in and clean all of the shoes up, then they are donated to a third world country.
I went home barefoot!
Pretty funny!
but I like mine caged.
Spencer was totally grossed out at the thought I would try to hug him.
Hence the reason he's keeping his small distance.

Driving home was an adventure. Totally CAKED in mud.
I thought ahead thankfully and brought two garbage bags we carefully sat on to head home.
[Clean car a success!]
Totally loved doing this.
Spencer NEVER thought I'd enjoy playing in the mud.
[Don't let the blonde hair and shiny lips fool you.]
This race isn't called "Kiss Me Dirty" for nothin!
Here's our lovely Before/After pictures.
[Getting Dirty a Success!!]

..If you don't believe this was a total success..
My bathwater will prove you wrong.
Totally Disgusting? Yep!

Will this be a new tradition?


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