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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Since I've had my computer back and functioning it means I've also had lots of old pictures to look at again. I thought for "Throwback Thursday" I'd post a few of those gems.
Hopefully my friends are good sports about these because a few of them are hideous..
These are obviously not in order by date..

This was on my 16th birthday. Check out my awesome mom hair haha
On our cruise- sophomore year!
We loved the "No Dumping" sign..
Cheer days..

Graduation Day
Last day of school 9th grade
with Jess at the State Fair
Doing Homework with Kiersten.

With Jenna
Spring Break in St.George with Court

Lots of old school friends are not shown here, but I would have to go through millions of pictures to find them.

Thankful for such awesome friends from back in the day, even more thankful that all of these girls are still in my life!

Happy Throwback Thursday!


  1. Oh I miss the old days! Good times! Mikell I don't think your hair was the same cut/color in any of those pics lol

  2. That cheer picture makes me laugh. Between the lap game and mackers falling off her bed onto a balloon. I miss you girlie

  3. Peeing my pants!!!! Ahhh that cruise was so fun! We look like babies! Hahaha. Makes me want to look at all my pictures! Loved your hair in the pic in front of the fire place.


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