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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seattle Trip

As ya'll know I'm still trying to catch up on our adventures. With my computer being down for a while I didn't have anywhere to upload all of my pics-
So.. Here is the long awaited Seattle Post from the beginning of July!

We headed to Seattle to visit Spencer's family- a final summer vacation before Spencer starts school. I met a niece and nephew of mine as well as my brother in law Brandon. We stayed busy and had a lot of fun!
Saturday- The first night we got there we went to hang out at the lake by their house. So pretty!!
Sunday we took a drive to downtown Seattle and went to the troll bridge.
I loved playing with this little Missy!

MONDAY we went to the beach at low-tide and found TONS of sand dollars, little crabs, jellyfish and seashells!
Before the beach we went to get some food, and of course, got Starbucks.

This was an attempt to wipe sand off my hands- who knew the paint was wet...
Found a jellyfish and poked it with a stick.
After the beach Spencer and I went to the closest mall to look around. And of course, got Starbucks.

TUESDAY Spencer and I hit up downtown Seattle for date-day..
I absolutely fell in LOVE with Pike's Place- so so so cool.

We found an awesome little shop under Pike's Place that sold vintage magazines, ads, newspaper articles, cards- you name it. There were playboy magazines from the 40's- the ladies on the cover had more clothes than a normal magazine you'd see now days! I bought my mom a LIFE magazine from the year she was born and Spencer found an old Sports Illustrated with articles about a BYU player. Sweet- unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures of this place or I'd post them.


That pink Piece of gum smack dab in the middle is mine.
Pretty awesome. And totally Gross.
My only expectation for this trip was to see the Gum Wall. After this anything could have happened and I would have been fine. This was probably ONE of my favorite things!

I'm married to a total babe..
After visiting the Space Needle, we stopped downtown to get Starbucks.

Only in Seattle would you see this outfit....  and this activity in the same city..
We ended the day by getting back in time to play with this little guy!

WEDNESDAY we went back to Seattle for round 2!
We went on the new Ferris Wheel and got stuck talking to a really strange couple in the same little cart thing as us.. But met a really awesome guy standing in line. We are now instagram buddies.
We stopped by the gum wall again, bought some fresh peaches at the market and bought 6 donuts from a heavy lady with hairy armpits. yum.
We made Seattle a quick trip before we started our drive to Anacortes!
When we got to Anacortes we stopped to check out the millions of boats
We stayed in Anacortes for the night so we didn't have to drive so early in the morning to get to our Whale Watching Tour! We ate a really nice dinner and drove around this little town!
And... got Starbucks.

THURSDAY was our whale watching adventure..
while we waited for our tour to start this HUGE bald eagle kept flying by!
while it may not look like it here.. it was FREEEZZIINNGG.
Spencer failed to mention we were supposed to dress in layers. Everyone else was in winter coats and gloves- and here I am- skinny jeans, a tee, light jacket and ballet flats. Yup.
Hi Free Willy!!
Three swimming together
Look how close this whale got to that boat....
...and those kayakers!!
...Free-willie Chili!?!?
Our whale watching tour was SO awesome- after 8 hours on the boat in the freezing cold we were beat! That is where our few hour drive back to Seattle began.
But first, we got Starbucks.
At Starbucks this was on the mirror in the bathroom- So cool!
We got home and we were BEAT from a long day and a long drive.

FRIDAY we went to the Mariner's Game!
Before we went to the game we went to the mall again to look around.
And of course, got Starbucks...
We TOTALLY Scored with some awesome season ticket seats!
There's a reason you don't see Snow Cone stands in Seattle- someone needs to teach them how it's done!!
We had an awesome date night together at the Safeco Field!!

SATURDAY started our long trip home..
Between eating donuts from a lady with hairy pits to seeing so many Orca Whales, to LITERALLY 7 trips to Starbucks- this trip was priceless to us.

Thank you SO much Natalie and Brandon for letting us stay with you for a whole week- We loved it and had so much fun!


  1. ditto to what jess said. SO FUN!

  2. Who knew you liked Starbucks so much? Theres one right by our house...


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