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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Animals

This post is all about my love for baby animals.
All kinds, ya know..
Puppies, baby goats, bunnies- whatever. If it's a baby animal, I love it.
Spencer surprised me a few weekends ago with date night to the Salt Lake County Fair.
He paid for us to go and feed the baby animals!
This guy, my friends, is a keeper.
Here are some pictures of us with all sorts of little animals!
Spencer loves cows.. He was stoked to see this little guy!

This look on my face, ladies and gentlemen, is the look of pure happiness.
That would be me feeding a Llama.

Spencer was excited to point out a bunny- (this was when I was currently begging for one of my own) BUT, this chubby thing is literally bigger than my dog, and quite frankly scared me a little bit. This would be Noelle's definition of Bunnicula.
This is about the point I ran out of carrots in my cup.
Spencer paid for me to feed them TWICE. I said... he's a keeper..

This baby goat decided to jump up on my leg to reach his carrots easier.

Spencer with the baby camel!
How could you resist faces like these??

Someone decided to hop up on the bench by me!

This is when all of my motherly instincts kicked in. Here's the smallest goat BY FAR. All of the other animals would buck him or kick him aside when someone had food. I wanted to cry! I felt like a mom watching my child be picked on haha
I got his attention with a carrot and ran to the other side of the feeding area. His little legs ran so fast- He got the rest of my carrots :)

This makes me SO EXCITED for the State Fair to start this week!
The State Fair is one of the highlights of my year!!
Baby animals, carnival rides, cotton candy, the world's biggest pig, and lots of fried food!

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