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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That was NOT me!

As you probably know, I have a deep love for a good snow cone.
Preferably made with a Snowie 3000.
I do a dance inside when the spring day rolls around when all of the local snow cone stands start opening up! And a little piece of me dies in the fall when they close down for the cold months ahead..
Last week we stood in line behind 2 other families to get our last snow cone of the season. The CUTEST little girl was in front of us with her dad. She was probably 4 years old, hopping and skipping around him with her little blonde pigtails dancing. I got a kick out of her little sun dress and jelly shoes. LIKE ME, This little girl probably waited all day for a snow cone.
As the line wasn't moving, this little girl was clearly getting bored- till dancing and prancing around. She snuck up behind her dad, pinched him RIGHT on the bum and HURRIED to his side. As he looked down at her she said, "it wasn't me, it was HER!"
I ABOUT DIED! Her dad just chuckled to himself, OBVIOUSLY knowing it was NOT me who decided to pinch his bum, but his little 4 year old daughter.
To the 4 year old in front of me at the snow cone stand:
You. are. one. witty little girl!
We needed a good laugh.


  1. cutest story ever :) i can't wait to tell my mom!

    1. haha thanks Hai!
      XOXO tell your sweet mom HI!


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