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Friday, September 14, 2012


This morning I had my priorities straight when I decided to sleep after my alarm went off.
Two extra minutes turned into 30 resulting in me already running late.
I flipped the bathroom light on and realized I still needed to straighten my mangled mess I could hardly call hair. Another 20 minutes gone. 
I put on minimal make up, quickly got dressed, kissed Spencer good bye & grabbed my purse to leave.

This is when the real problem starts..

I'm standing at the front door and Winston Bunny sees me. He quickly hops up to his cage door and puts his dirty little feet up, like "MOM LET ME OUT!"
Of COURSE I can't leave without lovin on that little guy. I opened his cage and gave him a few love pets. He's slowly inching forward to put his nose out of the cage door- obviously wanting to get out and hop around.
I FEEL SO BAD leaving such a cute thing in a cage all day.
I heard Spencer getting up so I let him out of his cage to hop around.
Spencer pointed out I was now REALLY late for work.
Spencer literally helped me to the door and shut it behind me. haha
HOW on earth can you leave something as cute as this behind?!
Winston has a hiding spot between the two couches where he loves to hang out.
He likes to sit with me as I flip through pages of my magazines
He likes to give kisses..
And I discovered he likes Keva Juice..
Winston likes us being on the floor with him..
This is when Winston is the most active. He will RUN around his cage, run around the couches, sprint down the hall and then KICK his feet and flip around. He'll jump straight up in the air and flip all over.. SO cute..

Winston is litter box trained, so when we are home he can hop around and be out of his cage- just like a little puppy! He has a few toys he likes- a pine cone and a little wooden carrot he likes to chew on. I cut up a towel to have in his cage so it was soft for his feet, and he LOVES the little towel scraps. He cuddles with them, chews on them, and will make them wrinkled and then smooth them out again. He's darling.

Last week Winston was CONSTANTLY licking me. I started to get worried thinking he had a vitamin deficiency or wasn't getting nutrients in his food.
When I googled why he was doing this, I was so happy.
The first page said "CONGRATULATIONS- you have a happy healthy bunny who has formed a bond with who he views as his mum!"
Turns out Winston just loves me.

He was totally worth being late to work today..
Winston, you were the best $25.00 purchase I've ever made..


  1. oh winston, you little cutie you! i need to meet this ball of fur! i do the exact same thing every morning with oliver. i set my alarm and then waste at least 15 min snuggling with baby olls. he's just TOO CUTE! anyhoo. loved this post :)

  2. SO CUTE. I'm dying. You are making me want a bunny! Winston is so adorable!

  3. Hey girl! I would love to swap, could you email me at to discuss it! I can't find how to reach you on here!

  4. i am in love with your bunny! it is the cutest thing i have ever laid eyes on. i want one... haha

  5. Okay, okay.. I wanna meet this dang bunny who has stolen your heart. Honestly, I don't think I've ever heard you talk about Spencer in such a loving way. Is he jealous? :) :) :)

    1. yeah I think he is actually.
      Last night I said, "where is my love?!" and he responded "I'M IN HERE!!" ... uhh that was awkward since I was looking for Winston..

    2. AND bunny lets me pet him and love on him and kiss him..
      and Spencer tries to love on him and he runs. He just loves his mom, ya know..


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