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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family Pictures

This year I decided I wanted to do Christmas Cards for our FIRST year of being married, especially since we now have a baby, err.. bunny.
We just drove up to my mom's house and had Fatalie take some quick pictures for us.
They turned out super cute & I fell in love with Winston Spencer all over again.
Since our Christmas cards have been sent out, I can actually post these now.
I had to post this one because Winston's huge foot is seriously out of control. HAHA 
This is right before I put Winston in the snow and he tried to escape..
It was all fun and games until I put Winston in the snow. He did NOT like that. Notice how it looks like he doesn't have any ears. He tucked them back to keep them warm.
So excited that the two feet of snow in these pictures is completely melted.
It's December 13th and NO snow- I only wore a light jacket into work this morning.


  1. These are SO Cute! And your bunny is the cutest bunny I have ever laid my eyes on! I want to cuddle it!!! You are beautiful too lady.

  2. Oh my goodness they are all SO CUTE!!! Seriously girl! Makes me wish we'd had a little bit of snow ;) But for pictures only!!

  3. So cute! We are doing pictures with our 2 kittes and dog this weekend, I'm not sure they'll turn out as adorable as yours!

  4. i loved loved loved getting your card in the mail. in fact i mean to text you every time i see it and then i get distracted. haha, but my mom was totally wondering about winston's ears, so i shall tell her what happened :) LOVE YOU KELLBELL :)

  5. These are such fun photos! Your bunny just blends right in with you snow!!

  6. CUTE! I wish I was able to take my family Pic in Snow. Your Bunny is super adorable :)


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