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Friday, March 15, 2013


If any of you happen to remember THIS POST, you learned that my eyes are too big for my eyelids so I basically have dry eyes all the time. You also learned I hate the word lubricated, but that's beside the point.

Lets rewind here to the first time Spencer saw me sleep & I woke up to him looking like this:
Because I "Sleep with my eyes open"
My doctor says my eyelids only close about 93% of the way. Result=red eyes.

Last time I was at the eye doctor he gave me 5 different eye drops to try.
None of them worked. Well I had another eye appointment this week and found out Plan B is eye gel. (Plan C is a capsule in eye ducts to close them off & plan D is Restasis)
Here I am at the eye dr.
A little disappointed I don't get the whole 9 yards this time.

Basically right before bed I have to put gel in both of my eyes, but it also blurs my vision. Win/lose situation I've got here ladies & gentlemen!
Look at those googley suckers just waiting to be lubricated.
This gel stuff is OTC & I was CLEARLY a little nervous about it. (see picture..) But I'm not even kidding it's one of God's gifts to earth. If any of you have dry eyes try this stuff- you won't have to use eyedrops all day! It's called Refresh PM- & it practically makes you blind for the night. I was told if I woke up and couldn't see, I used too much the night before.

(Which is what happened a couple days ago when I woke up blind & terrified..)

 BTW, check out those practically blonde eyebrows.. an eyebrow post coming soon!!


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  1. You are adorable. I'm glad you found out why you were blind when you woke up the other morning, that would have scared the shit out of me.

  2. I use the eye gel too! It works WONDERS. I have extreme dry eye and it is such a pain, but the gel really makes it so much better!

  3. You have huge, gorgeous eyes! I wouldn't want to close them either ;) haha


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