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Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is The Place Heritage Park

As you know from THIS POST & THIS POST..
 I think baby animals are the greatest thing ever.
..Anytime I'm around baby animals I'm on cloud 9..
This past weekend we went with a couple friends to the Baby Animal Petting Zoo at This is The Place Heritage Park which is across the street from Hogle Zoo. If you haven't been there lately, you're overdue for a day of fun.
Their Baby Animal Season goes until May 24th, but they're all so tiny now, I would go sooner rather than later! We saw chickies, bunnies, baby lambs, baby goats, baby ostriches, cows & one big fat pig!
Here are some of the pictures from visiting the baby animals.
[AKA the third best day of my life.]
The baby goat LOVED Spencer! The little guy started falling asleep when Spencer held him!
Then we stopped at the soft little lambies
Winston LOVES it when I rub his little ears & I imagined the lamb would like it too! Since I didn't see anyone else taking the initiative to rub his ears for him, I did it..
Please look at him!!
K maybe you can't see his little face.. let me zoom in for you..
I think it's safe to say he loved his ear rubs!
[Obviously Winston is way cuter...]
There were tons of other activities to do as well!
We rode the train around & stopped at the leather shop to stamp our own leather squares..
Then we panned for gold in the stream..
 I clearly found the big bucks.
Visited the small children's cemetery..
Took cute family pictures..
..And obviously Spencer wanted to milk the fake cow..
We had so much fun spending our day here! There are cute little houses to explore & the cutest little shops to go in. Everyone is dressed up like the olden days which really made things interesting.
You can find all of the info you need for This is the Place Heritage Park HERE
Hours, Current Events, Prices & Location!
If you are looking for a fun place to visit this spring, you should definitely check it out!


  1. Those animals sure are cute but it'd be too worried that I'd get pooped on!! Lamb = hilarous.

  2. I want a baby goat. Maybe he can live in my bath tub...along with the otter and the dolphin and all the other animals I send you telling you they can live in my bathtub. Just call me Noah.

    1. HAHA okay I just laughed out loud.
      I love our obsession with baby animals!! That panda picture you tagged me in on insta was SOO CUTE!

  3. Is this real life?! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!! So so so jealous!!! Winston is precious - maybe he's up for adoption?! Obviously he loved you! I have always wanted a little miniature baby pig... they are precious!! I wish I lived closer and could go see these baby animals myself!

  4. Omg I can't even handle that cuteness!! I want one!!

  5. Looks like it was sooo fun!! It was so good meeting you last night!! I love your blog, its so fun to match faces with blogs!! You are the cutest! Can't wait to hang out again! :)

  6. SO fun! I've always wanted to go there! No one will go with me. :P
    we need to play!

    1. Gentri!
      I had so much fun meeting everyone this weekend. WE HAVE to get together soon!!

  7. It's my birthday Wednesday and all I asked my boyfriend for was seriously a baby goat. I've been asking since October though so it's not looking too good but who knows?! Loved the pics.

    1. okay what the heck is with significant others not following through to get baby goats?! I don't really think it's THAT MUCH to ask for, right?!


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