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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Horrible timing

Just when I feel like things are so messy and crazy {In a good way, if that's even a thing..} I get sick. I haven't had a day of sickness this whole pregnancy and last Wednesday I just knew I was in for it. We had big plans to paint and get things at the house done early- we didn't want to have the carpets cleaned until painting was done and we had a couple day set back with me being so sick. I didn't go to work on Thursday which hasn't happened since I don't remember.. and it was actually quite incredible to lay in bed all day. Thursday was also the first time spencer saw me puke and I felt bad about it all day. He says he didn't see. He's either an incredible liar and made me feel better or he's trying to block it from his memory. Probably the latter haha 

Friday we finally got running water at the house just to find the water pipe leaks. We had a plumber come look at it and $250.00 later, the pipe is good as new. But then he discovered the sink leaks. Joy. Saturday we spent all day at the house taping and painting three bedrooms. I started to feel really sick {no AC people} and wanted to lay down but we have no furniture there yet. I went to lay in the corner and there was a spider web so instead I went to the middle of the floor and all I could see was freaking dog hair everywhere and wanted to scream. I really can't wait to get the carpets cleaned. I called my mom and cried. Spencer asked me to go home and rest but I think I have a complex about helping and doing things on my own. As I was Kim Kardashian human ugly crying I'm the kitchen I repeatedly told spencer he's "not the boss of me" when he would tell me to go home and rest. Which now it seems hilarious. That man has a heart of gold. We finally turned on the air conditioner to find that's broken too. Awesome huh!? 

Anyways, here are some pictures of the rooms we are updating.. 
Here's spencer painting the master bedroom. We matched the original color the best we could. It's slightly lighter which we ended up loving because it brightens things up a bit! This mask was the stupidest idea ever. Whoever invented it clearly had never worn one before. It was so hot and I felt like I was suffocating after breathing in my own carbon dioxide over and over. Awful.

This is the same wall in the Master Bedroom- Notice the smudges & marks in the paint, it's kind of hard to see but It absolutely drove me crazy and I'm so glad they're gone.

This is the third bedroom and the walls were an awful yellow color with purple in the windows. We painted it the same color as the Master Bedroom so it was just something nice and neutral and we love it.
Next up, the Nursery..

There are these incredible built in shelves in Mack's room which I love love love. The whole room was the same Neutral color but we wanted to do something a little different for the Nursery. Mack's room colors are going to be blue, green & grey. Here's my sweet mom and pink gma starting to paint the grey, and it turned out amazing.

Isn't Pink Gma the best?


I know, I know, it looks a little bright right now. But it's going to turn out awesome when you see the final results!

I'm excited to do a final home tour. We are slowly but surely comin' right along here!

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  1. I LOVEEEE that green!! If it were up to me I would have a hint of that color in every room in the house!! Coming along great so far! :)



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