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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Little Man is Cozy.

You guys, I've tried so hard this past week to get this baby out since Spencer is home and the house is put together.
I went on multiple walks throughout the day
I used a little extra energy walking up and down the stairs at the house
did 45 full squats
ate 2 pineapples
drove on rocky roads
did jumping jacks
bounced on the birthing ball
put an extra skip in my step
walked major flights of stairs
Nothing worked. Obviously.
Now here I am, 39 weeks pregnant and no sign of baby.
But I've had enough pineapple even the smell could make me sick, and my legs have never been so sore from doing so many squats. It's certainly been a while..
I had my weekly appointment with my midwife and I haven't dilated at all since she last checked me three weeks ago. I was having THE WORST braxton hicks contractions, about
8-9 an hour that were pretty intense, but still weren't painful.
Now I'm having zero.
Look tiny dude, I'm a little scared too.
I've never been a mom before, and this world is kinda crazy.
But I'm ready for you anytime now. And I promise you'll be safe.
I will mess up along the way, but I'll try my hardest to be a good mom and I'll love you no matter what.
In the mean time, I'm trying to be patient..


  1. I know I am two weeks behind you but I am ALREADY ready for this little man to come out. now that we have pasted the 37 week mark, I am full of anxiety and can't think about anything else. hopefully our babies come out soon!

  2. Yeee I am so excited for you gorgeous. My your baby will be here in no time!!!

  3. You really did try everything!!! That last little bit of time is the worst and makes you so anxious! Hopefully your next post will be a baby!


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