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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Mackson {1 month}

Baby Mackson 

I can't believe my tiny baby is already 1 month old.. it gives me a mini heart attack to think how fast time is going by. I feel like I will be back at work before I know it.. but for now I'm just enjoying my time home with tiny toes. 

Mack wakes up soo smiley. 
He hears me say "hiii babbyy" and I get a big gummy smile in response. 

He hates baths but loves having his hair washed.

He loves looking out the windows and is fascinated with windows with blinds on them.

He is growing like a weed and has long legs that he likes to kick.

He has been able to hold his head up since he came out of the womb (literally) he's a tough little dude.

He's got a great set of lungs on him and likes to show them off right around bed time.

He sleeps like a champ at night and goes right back to bed after he eats. Last night he slept 5 1/2 hours which was a nice treat. 

He loves laying on mom for naps and likes it when dad walks up and down the stairs while holding him. 

He loves car rides and loves his stroller- this makes him a great partner for outings!

this bundle of joy makes me so incredibly happy we love him so much!


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