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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Trends

Usually I don't love the transition from Summer to Fall because Utah's Falls just aren't long enough. Before I know it I'm outside shoveling snow off my car and if you know me at all you know how much I hate being cold so me and snow don't mix well.

If you read my post last week I'm having an even harder time with this Fall coming because I'm so not ready to go back to work, leaving Mackson without a mama all day.Thankfully, I do actually have something to look forward to with cooler weather just around the corner. Fall Fashions. Maybe this Fall is different because my summer clothes just don't fit the same right now post-baby. I'm ready for comfy sweaters and flannel button ups. 

A few things that have been on my WANT list lately:

-A deep V neck loose white tee
-Steve Madden Leopard slip on shoes
-Some great statement jewelry
-Bold black sunnies
-Floppy hats {not sure I'm brave enough to attempt wearing these yet}
-Black Flats- they go with Everything!
-Anything with leather or leather accents. This tee with leather sleeves is a must-have!

Scroll through the pictures below to see some of my top picks for Fall!
{you can also click the photos for a direct link to each item}



  1. Let me know if you find the bomb diggity white T. I am on the hunt too but am too lazy to order one online for fear it doesn't look right when it comes in the mail. I'll let you do the hard work. Not like you don't have all the free time in the world, right!

    1. Kalen do you have an Urban Outfitters by you? I just checked their website and they have a ton of different styles and colors! If you have one by you check there so you can try them on!!

  2. I am loving these floppy felt hats, I bought myself a couple of them. I think you'll be adorable in them! I really need to find myself a pair of black flat for fall and I also want a pair of 'riding' booties!

    1. I want a new pair of booties too there's soo many cute ones this Fall!


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